Thursday, October 06, 2011


I can always count on October to be good to me.
I love October.
I love winter.
I love birthdays.
I love that it's getting closer to Christmas.
October has already been good to me.
So I got a Mac Book Pro today! Exciting?! Will update you when I actually try and work it tomorrow :)
anddd in 13 days I'm 17 yay!
I'm very excited to start to learn to drive, no more packed smelly late buses!

So sorry it's short but I must go... just wanted to check in...
Remember to sign up for SECRET SANTA...
anddd if you're part of RAK leave wishlists... I'm number 45 this month if you wanna check it out.

Love y'all.
Enjoy October


  1. I love winter, so glad it's nearly here. Exciting times for your birthday! Glad you're having a good month =]

  2. Winter is awesome!
    Yes I'm very excited hehe, and thank you hope you are enjoying October.