Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello again,

Am I bugging you with my posts?


So it turns out I did have to go to the other shop to work, when the staff finally turned up so for me it has been a long day working - catching a bus - and working in the other place!
But I came home to find my dad had been reading some more of my first novel. He likes it, he actually likes it! This makes me extremely happy because I really care for his opinion. Also he said I have talent in writing, I feel like dancing around the street right about now, when someone you love as much as your father tells you you have talent in your passion, the one thing you live for, it's the most amazing feeling and someone said I had to record this and so here I am blogging to you about how chuffed I am right now!

As well as great news for me, I have great news for you.

A very brand new (self published for just about 2 weeks) author has sent me her book for me to review.
Exciting right, my first requested review! Plus she is going to do an interview for the blog too so stay tuned for that, the author and me are very excited about this!

Lots of love, lots and lots!

Hey guys!

Hay everyone,
This is half mini celebration and half apology.
First off I still owe you guys two reviews and it's been that long I barely remember what for... *still not reading properly but I am writing my sequel so that's ok right? do you forgive me?* I think I owe you a review for Elizabeth Chandler's Evercrossed and the other one was... My Love Lies Bleeding by Alyxandra Harvey... am I right? Hope I am, it's been what over two week *the shame sorry* might get them up soon, just finally managed to get back into the mood of writing after not letting myself while I did my GCSE's. EKKK one month till I get the results of those! Then not long after I'm off to college *scared and excited*.
I would also like to apologize for the neglection lately, but as I said, I've been writing.
But let's have a party do the cha-cha because look I'm at 50 followers, already! wowzaaa lots of love for you guys, make me a very happy bunny. I would hold a giveaway, but I'm books have me basically skint at the moment when I should be saving up for driving, can't believe I turn 17 in a couple months too, it's crazy. But I promise everyone to hold a giveaway if I get to 100 followers & I'll even try and make it international because I live in little old UK and I know most of you are from the US.
My second personal celebration is the goal I reached yesterday.
Like I said because of GCSE's I had hardly got started on my sequel to my first book (unpublished as of yet a lot of people won't look at my work because I'm under 18, sucks right? If you happen to be a publisher who edits/takes work from 16 year old's I'd love for you to get in touch with me, *big hug*) but this week I went from 50 to 100 pages, HELLO. I managed to write 27 pages on Thursday with out even noticing the rise in pages, sometimes I get lost in my writing and don't come out for days. On Friday I decided that by the end of the weekend I'd get to 100 pages then I remembered I was supposed to be working somewhere else on Sunday and so decided to aim for the moon and write all 23 yesterday and by gosh I DID IT. *ECSTATIC* round of applause? No ok, still I was so happy. Writing the sequel I have found is so much harder as I don't plan. Yes you heard it I hate to plan, it ruins my spur of the moment shock idea's that always seem to work for me but writing the sequel means I have to stick to some facts and my small brain does not remember every little detail of my 400 page first book.
I hope to get some reading done this week as well as writing because I have some amazing new reads (I'll do a IMM later on today when I go back to my other house) that I want to get too!
Also if you are a writer and are published *I am so jealous of you* I can review your books if you wanna contact me at @MazzNixon on twitter, I do sometimes remember to check my DM's but if you don't have twitter I can get my e-mail to you, just let me know. But please remember I'm from little UK, not the US, so bare that in mind.
Thanks again for supporting me guys.
Lot's of love, I'm off to edit those 50 pages! (because so it happens the help didn't turn up and I'm working here again and not in our other shop, typical right?)
*wish me luck*