Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hi bloggers. *TEAM ERUDITE UK*

Why haven't I been around?

So I haven't posted in a while, I apologise for that. I have been crazy busy with college (I can't believe my first year is almost over, I'll be a uni before I know it!), work and you know well I am a teen. I've barely read or wrote in months.. I feel so bad for that. But I have been receiving the odd (amazing) books here and there to review... so look forward to those! Summer is fast approaching, so hopefully during summer this blog will be buzzing with life again!

Ohh and.. guess what.

I get to review INSURGENT (crazy excited) ok so I admit I started reading Divergent at the start of the year and got waylaid but.. I'll get there and you'll get the reviews on time :P after all I am part of Team Erudite UK and we is so gonna win. If you're part of another team... hi there.. good luck ;)

What's going on with me?

Well college mostly.. I passed my first AS exam in Psychology with an A (74/80) which I almost died when I heard so that was a good day.. I am learning to drive (watch out UK) just got to pass that damn theory test.. I have more exams after this easter break :( (I should be revising but hey)... I miss writing (*current thinking* do I still want to be an author?).. I'm starting to look into Universities and what courses I want to do (I know English would be a great degree to get, but I'd only do a creative writing degree, but I'm not sure if I'll miss art, wouldn't art be fun to do at Uni though?).. I know a Uni not that far from where I live to be honest does a joint of the two.. so maybe that.. got another year of college to survive first, but to be honest it's flying.

Ohh I miss the summer days I blogged everyday.

I'll be back.. soon I promise.

With loads of amazing books to review, I got a box of awesome books at christmas and haven't had the chance to read them yet.

Also might hold some giveaways to make up for my absence and all that!

Hope all is good in the blogging world and with all of you.

Love Mazz

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  1. Oooh you're so lucky! I cannot wait for the release of Insurgent. I neeeed to know what happens. I'm really excited to read your review. :)