Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm at University!

Hey guys, 

Sorry it's been a while! I'm at Bath Spa University now! I moved in last Saturday (21st) and have been spending the week getting to know where I live, my flatmates, enjoying freshers and going to introductory classes! I don't actually start learning until tomorrow, although a lot of people start today - as I have Monday's off weekly (great for when I wanna go home and have a long weekend!)

My uni room is stacked with books of course... five boxes (all of my books basically) I brought with me... barely fit in the car!

Here's my room, you may be able to see the stacked book shelf with books behind books and books on top of books!... Also the ones in the corners and over my desk and right there on my bedside table (as well as in the little space under the draw which you cannot see)... yep they're hidden every where!

I love it here, though its hard being away from family and my boyfriend!

My first post arrived... guess what... it was Resist by Sarah Crossan... second book of Breathe! I loved the first book so it jumps right to the top of my reading list, be expecting that review soon!

Hope all is well, happy reading...
Love, Mazz

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