Sunday, June 19, 2011

Twilight series

Isabella Swan is just an ordinary a teenage girl who moves to a small town called Forks. She and falls in love with a 104-year-old vampire named Edward Cullen.Over the series of books their relationship is put to the test and Bella's life is put on the line. A werewolf called Jacob Black is a friend and yet another obstacle the couple have to overcome.

Of course you do not need me to tell you how amazing the twilight series is, even if you have only see the movies, I'm rather sure there is not many people out there who do not know the basic outline of this heart clenching story. Stephenie Meyer exceeds the boundaries of love when intermixing mortals with vampires and werewolves. Although the movie is what has caused this story to become so popular it was the words themselves which is where it began.
I have to admit, I myself only knew of this story because I watched the Twilight movie, who didn't? I then- being me- read the second book rather than the first because I had seen the movie, and what more could there be? Of course I was wrong to think only the movie lay within its pages, this was two years ago when my passion for books was just beginning after all.
After reading the second book New Moon, I of course had to go on to read the third. After which the second movie came out. Even though I knew the story I still found the movie amazing and am collecting the movies to go with the set of books- even though I am not one of those obsessed Twilight fans I am just a girl who loves to get lost in great book and enjoys snuggling up to watch a movie- but I am also one of those people who love to collect things so having full sets of things is more of a compulsion than a obsession. After that I bought Breaking Dawn- which in my opinion is by far the best book of them all, it is more thrilling and keeps you on edge basically all the way through as it is not predicable like the others- I specifically remember that night I stayed up until like 5am, with my little book light in the dark, to finish the last hundred or so pages because I simply could not put it down. Although like being able to judge people and books by appearances the majority of the time I can predict endings to movies and books. You wouldn't like to watch a movie with me, I always guess the ending and sometimes I'm right. But with books it's slightly different, sometimes I get it completely wrong- but that is the best thing about books, a good book keeps you guessing till the last page. Breaking Dawn is exactly that kind of book- if there is anyone crazy enough to have not stumbled across the Twilight world yet, or if you are one of those who only follow the story line through the movies I highly suggest you go out and buy the books. By the way I did read the first book- at the end of course- and it was amazing like the rest better than the movies. When you do read them, reading them in order is my tip to you! Either way you will not be able to put them down.
If you want to know what's better the books or the movies I can only say this to you, they are both as incredible as each other and I enjoy both, of course reading a book is always better than watching a movie for me but that's because I am a book nerd. 
I'm sure like many of you out there are anticipating the release of Breaking Dawn the movie and I am too! But in the waiting there are many other stories on the shelves just as amazing. It has been over a year since I read this series, I will work my way through all of the books I have read and hopefully you will find my blogs helpful to which books to buy!
Well done Stephanie Meyer- I am highly jealous as a young unpublished writer, however I congratulate you on writing the modern Romeo and Juliet love story. It will be talked about, read and watched for years to come!


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