Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dusty manuscript

Hi guys,

You may not know this but I started writing a series of novels when I was 15, I finished the first after about a year and was well into writing the second not long after. But being a college student who studies four a-levels with coursework and exams all year round, having a weekend job and in the summer a second job and well.. also having a social life as a eighteen year old student. You can probably imagine how or remember yourselves maybe how difficult it is not only to find the time to write but to be in the right frame of mind too, without worries or other pressures or the idea that there is something else that could be getting done.
And I think a year may have passed where I could barely write anything.
And I'm not published or self-published or anything, but the series I started means so much to me, it's like a part of me.
And although I am super busy right now with projects in both my art and photography a-level, pressures to pass my driving test and exams in January to revise, lately I've managed to write, if only in little pieces or if going back and editing chapters already written. But it feels so good to write again.
Not just write, no, but to slip back into the world which I love so much and be with the characters which are like little segments of me.
The way I write may be slightly weird, but I tend to just randomly think of a metaphor or a quote or put myself in the frame of mind of one of my characters and think of a line that they could say. Usually if I'm in the right mood I'll think of something that inspires me to write, to include that line in a piece, so sometimes those lines themselves form the way the story heads and not because of a plan, because I don't plan I just write and that works for me.
I thought I would update you guys since reviews are extremely slow due to my busyness and I'm very sorry.
But speaking of this, it should improve is not completely liven up by this time next year.
I'll be moving on to university in September and I have applied for a dun dun dun creative writing course, which I am verrrry excited for and i'll have all this time to write because that will be my course and my life and reading and reviewing will actually contribute to writing so I can do that along side my course, and this blog and you guys and the community just are the cherry on top! Can you feel my excitement yet?!
Anyway I'm currently reading LIFE AS WE KNEW IT and I can't wait to finish it and review it for you guys because it's a real moving and thought changing kind of book which I think you will love.

If you've read through all my hype then I thank you haha,
Happy reading and of course happy writing!
For the writers out there, what writing habits do you have?
and for the readers, have you read anything about the world ending lately that has spooked you out as it collides with all the strange weather happenings and natural disasters?

*Christmas is close! I'm getting so excited*



  1. Totally agree with you!Living a life where you balance your social and academic sides is not an easy task. In such

    such sites are a great help!

  2. As a writer, my habits involve obsessing over my stories and pretty much living in my own little reality until the story has been poured out on my computer screen. Yes, it is as disruptive to "real life" as it sounds. =)

    As a reader, I'm not terribly worried about the end of the world. It will happen when it happens and worrying about it won't change anything.