Sunday, January 06, 2013


This is a little belated due to how jam-packed my new year week was (mostly spent in the company of my friends rather than revising, but hey I don't get weekends off I only get the half terms and college holidays so I try and make the most of them) I just wanted to make a post about what I feel I have accomplished in 2012, mostly for myself to see it all written down.

 I am actually rather proud of my achievements in the education area of my life from 2012, completing my first year (half) of my a-levels with straight A's. I never thought that would be possible for me, I mean it was expected of me, but my grades are something that has always rather shocked me if I'm honest though I don't know why because I do work my ass off to get them. For my summer exams I spent about a month locked in my room during study leave revising for about 10 hours a day. But I guess even though I work my ass off a part of me feels like I'm not spectacular enough to be a A student, but I think that's down to how if you met me you wouldn't expect me to be one, I'm not the typical stereotype you could say. 
Health and body 2012 was the year I finally, somehow, still a bit baffled to how, I turned my life around in terms of becoming healthy. I now live a healthy lifestyle in that I eat what is good for me and I exercise regularly. Ever since a young age I've despised that I've always been 'slightly chubby' and I had always wanted to do something about it but never stuck to anything. But in 2012 I managed to alter my life so that being healthy was a huge part of it. I'm proud that I'm much fitter than I used to be in that I can actually run for longer than a couple minutes, I can cycle hard for almost 20 miles, I have some muscle and I'm not a utter weakling and mostly that I've lost some of that chubbyness I so much hated. Though I still have a way to go, now that I've become in the habit of a healthy lifestyle I know that I'll stick to it.  
Social life After moving from school to college in 2011 I lost a whole lot of my friends due to being one of the only one going to a certain college. But throughout this year I have become really close to a lovely group of friends, who I actually did know at school but never really knew that well, and I'm happy to say that I actually go out a lot more than I used too, maybe a bit too much! But it's been such an enjoyable year with them! 

I think I have progressed a lot as a person from 2012, as in strength of will power, of mind and to be completely honest I feel I'm nicer than I used to be. (I was a bit of a bitch you might say) I'm really looking forward to the year ahead and hope times carry on as great as they have been. But also for new experiences such as University which I have uncontrollable excitement for! 

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