Sunday, January 06, 2013


Since I wrote about last year and what I felt like I accomplished, I thought I might as well share with you what I hope to accomplish during 2013. I have a lot of excitement for this year, even though I dislike odd numbers.. 13 eww.

I have a few resolutions:

work my ass off to keep my grades
(lowest AAAA stars would be nice)

2 work my ass off to get fitter
(I don't care if I'm a girl I want a slight six pack)

3 party my ass off to be more social
(I got better at this, this year, but got to make new friends at uni - scary)

4 go abroad at least once
(want so much to travel, Italy with college and maybe Tenerife with friends)

5 make this summer bloody amazing
(go on holiday with friends/make the most of my time with them)

6 move out and start uni as the best version of me
(be fit, be social, be happy and enjoy new stage in life)

7 read more, blog more, fricken write more
(basically do more, hopefully finish some novels I'm working on)

8 make the most of my last year at home
(help out mum, spend time with her, tell her I love her)
(my mum and my double bed are going to be really hard for me to separate from when I move to uni in September)

What are your resolutions? 


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