Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday 30th Divergent Premiere Review!

Hey guys, 

Sorry this is a week late, I'm up to my neck in University work. But only a week left until Easter break! But I would really like to share this amazing experience with you and if you couldn't make it I hope you're not too jealous, because you've probably been and watched it by now. If you have let me know your thoughts.

Premiere Review

On Sunday 30th March, I attended the premiere of the Divergent movie. As a reviewer for Harper Collins, who publishes the novels of the Divergent series, I was given two free tickets to the movie. (HUGE THANK YOU HARPER COLLINS. LOVE YOU FOREVER)
            Divergent, (as many of you will know) is a film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s dystopian novel that was released in 2011. To my biggest delight, Veronica was present on the red carpet, wearing a stunning black dress. Joining her at the premiere were the stars of the movie Theo James, Shailene Woodley, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Kate Winslet. Hmmm Theo is dreamy and Shailene is the definition of gorgeous. Shailene is also the star of the soon to be released and highly anticipated The Fault in our Stars, (fan girls) adapted from John Green’s best selling novel.  I honestly cannot wait for this film to be released. And have you heard the news? John announced on twitter that Paper Towns is also going to be adapted into a movie (and he will be directing! whatttt?!) Back to the review... Shaliene may soon be the biggest young female actress in the film industry. (She's also in The Spectacular Now, which myself and my boyfriend really enjoyed) 
            The premiere was held in the Leicester Square Odeon, London. (May I add, this was my first time ever visiting London... little country town girl visiting the big city). Kate Winslet was heard being interviewed on the red carpet saying that the red carpet felt bigger than the one at this year’s Baftas’. I was overwhelmed to be present at such a huge event and to be so close to people I admired so much (more Veronica for me, more the singer from the Pussycat dolls for my bestfriend haha). Hundreds of fans surrounded the red carpet and the queue for ticket holders was miles long. But the movie, was soooo worth the wait. It was inspirational to see so many people love a book, the author and its characters so deeply. I felt in young adult fiction heaven. 
            People were offered the chance to have the ‘fan experience’. This involved taking faction tests, which exist in Divergent’s society. Actors dressed up to play the roles of certain factions within the book, bringing the world to the fans. Unfortunately my boyfriend could not make the event (we would have totally acted like kids and joined in). I was with my best friend, who didn't want to take part, which is fair enough we are 19. 
            Those of us who had tickets to the premiere of the movie walked the red carpet with the actors (but unfortunately were unable to meet them) to get into the cinema. Here is our awesome walking-red-carpet-seflie: 

We were asked to pick a faction band out of: Divergent, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, Erudite and Candour. These bands determined where we sat in the cinema. We chose to be Dauntless, the faction in which the main character (Tris) choses, and this lead to getting high-fives from the Dauntless dress-up actors on the red carpet. I don't believe I am Dauntless, but I guess I would like to be that brave, I'm more Amity to be honest.
            When we got inside, we found the factions were sectioned into seats and the seats had t-shirts the colours of the factions on them. (free t-shirts!) Therefore as Dauntless I had a black t-shirt.
            Before the movie began the director, Neil Burger came on to introduce the stars of the movie and Veronica. It was a great atmosphere and being able to be so close to an author I admired was inspirational. I wish I could have met her. The fans went wild for Veronica and the stars.
            Dystopian is my favourite kind of young adult fiction and the Divergent series is the best dystopian that I have read. Read my Divergent and Insurgent review here. (I plan to read Allegiant, a christmas present from my boyfriend, in the Easter holidays.) I therefore was extremely thrilled to attend the premiere, but I went into the cinema with a lot of expectations.
            The movie adaptation did not disappoint. IT WAS AMAZING. I had read the book three years ago and watching the movie was like reliving how I had interpreted the story within my head. It was incredible, I can't describe the feeling. The movie really stays true to Veronica Roth’s novel, much to the appreciation of Divergent fans and my appreciation! 
            I found the actors fit the roles perfectly and that the soundtrack left me on the edge of my seat for most of the film. (I now have some of the music, I loved the songs that much, they remind me of how I felt when I watched the film.) There were moments when I read the novel that made me cry and the same emotions were felt, is not intensified when watching the film. I did try not to cry in a room full of hundreds of strangers though. 
            I think for those who have not read Divergent but go on to watch it in cinemas, after the UK release on April 4th, will fall in love with the series too. I know most of you will be lovers of Divergent and I hope you have watched the film. This is defiantly one for the dvd collection when it comes out (and I don't own many dvd's). I believe Divergent is a stronger dystopian than the Hunger Games and will go on to achieve greater success.


Thanks again to Harper Collins 
for sending me there.


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