Saturday, November 26, 2011

Author Interview... Paige Hurtado

Would you like to introduce yourself? (name, location...) 
   My name Paige Hurtado and I live in the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pa in the United States. I am a recent graduate with a business degree. I work, while trying to pursue my dream in being an author. I know it's important for authors to realize that writing alone, may not be enough to support you. It's wise to look for different ventures, or even within your writing find ways to enlarge your market. A single example of this would to try and make the book into a movie. 

Was there a specific moment where you thought 'ohh I'll write a book' or did it just happen?
    I've been writing books, more so started and didn't finish, since I was a young girl. Writing was always a way for me to disconnect myself with my surrounding and completely explore someone else's. It was always my favorite hobby, and therefore, I thought it would be great to actually attempt to pursue this long dream I've always had to do what i always loved. 

What are you currently working on?
   Currently working on two novels: Secrets of Orchid Lane   &   Secrets of Sable Ave. Both books are a part of a series, which I am currently debating about adding other books into. They take place in the same town, but they follow the lives of two very different women. Their expected release is Spring 2012. I am also working on the beginning stages of a YA book which was put on hold for the release of these two books.

Is there anything you find especially hard about writing? (no time, lack of inspiration, other aspects of your life etc...) 
   The hardest part about writing currently is finding time to write. As soon as I do find the time, it makes writing that more enjoyable because I have so much to put down on paper. It's exciting to see my story unfolding right before my eyes.

Who is your biggest inspiration? (authors, other people in your life..) 
   My family is my largest inspiration to follow my dreams. They are essentially my drive. It's a beautiful thing to have people in your life who wholeheartedly believe in you. Authors that are inspiring to me would include, but are not limited to, Alisa Valdes (Rodriguez), Janet Evanovich, Mindy Kailing, and Terry McMillian, to name a few. I enjoy and have lots of respect for others as well.

What is your highest dream for the future? 
   My highest dream is to become a household name through my writing. I would be pleased to see my writing grow to the potential it possibly can be and have others enjoy it just as much as I do.

Where can we find you? (twitter,blog...) 
   Twitter: @PaigeHurtado

Thank you for interview Paige, we look forward to your work! 

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