Saturday, November 05, 2011

Lots of little things

Hey guys,

So first of all I wanted to ask you guys something. I will be putting up reviews for Forbidden and Hunting Lila very soon and i loved both books but can't decide which one I want to host a giveaway with the review so that you can win it, so I'm gonna let you decide, just comment below which you would rather me host a giveaway for!

Next, I have reactivated my Formspring so if you have any writer/blogger questions for me or if you just want to get to know stuff about me then go here: Mazzda18

Also I wanted to remind you guys that the secret santa signs up are still available, where you can sign up to give and receive things off wishlists this chirstmas, go here for that:

Finally you can connect with me on twitter to talk about books here:!/MazzNixon

Thanks for the support guys and have a great weekend, love.



  1. I never heard about Hunting Lila before but just looked it up and it looks wicked!
    And I am so excited for secret santa! Bring on christmas!
    Hope your studies are going ok.

  2. Given the choice I'd go for Hunting Lila but I might be biased as I've already read Forbidden lol. Excited for Christmas :)