Sunday, June 24, 2012

Having a 'moment'

Sunday 24th June 2012

It’s funny how life always finds a path you didn’t know was there, how small changes in direction occurring within each single day, days you may remember or you may forget, that you don’t notice until you are at a destination and you don’t understand how you got there.  
But when you turn back, you see all the signs that led you here, all the footprints you left as you waltzed your way through life. Did you even notice the roses that bloomed and withered and dried around you?
You can’t live once you get to your destination, life’s ultimate destination is death, you have to live the journey. All the traffic you get held up in, cherish it.
Waiting is dangerous; it steals time from under your nose. Time is not like a book you discard and go back to read, time passes by chapters you can’t go back and re-live, time is infinite but only one way. 

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