Saturday, June 23, 2012

You guys... I finally watched The Hunger Games

So.. well.. wow.


No comparison to the book right?

Movies never compare to books though, they can't take away the magic of the tradition book!

A lot of the detail I really missed in The Hunger Games movie. Mostly because I read the book very recently and when I read, because my active imagination and creative side of me I see the story in a lot of detail like a movie in my head and I guess was kind of comparing the movie to the version I saw when I read it.

A small thing I really wanted to see was the scene where she finds Peeta and he says 'hey don't step on me' and grins so you can only see his teeth because he's covered in mud.. that part in the book really stood out to me for some reason.

Also I missed that they didn't show all the time Katniss spent healing Peeta and washing him and everything and then when Peeta takes care of her when she returns with the medicine, small details like that.. I know the movie would have been really long.. but who would mind right?

It did creep me out a bit that the girl from District 2 (Clove) was the actress from Orphan a horror movie.. so yea she creeped me out a tad. And Hamitch is the gay guy from Friends With Benefits so I had a ergh to love him rather than despise him at the begininning.

Though, I did like that added part about District 11 going nuts, that was a nice touch. Also the actors for Katniss and Peeta... perfect look and attitudes for the part, so all in all, the movie is pretty damn good and the districts like the way they dressed in 12 to the capitol was pretty much spot on to what I expected.

But it had to be, since the book was bloody amazing.

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  1. you just saw it?! lol.. well, better late than never. I'd read your review but it's hard to read so I'll just comment anyway :)