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5 Movies: The less known and loved

So as a lover of stories, I watch a lot of movies. Kind of like what I do with novels, I end up finding something that I haven't heard of through social media and isn't as well known as well things like The Hunger Games (which we all love but all know right?) .. and sometimes, a lot of the times recently I find myself sat there watching a movie in a different language (with subtitles of course, I unfortunately am only fluent in English, sarcasm and gibberish)... but I stick with them and they almost always give me a pleasant surprise .. so for the winter nights, cosy evenings with the family or on your own.. here are my suggestions of less known movies which I just loved.

1) Upside Down

Ok so I have a feeling this movie is on it's way to being a well known movie and it should, it's bloody amazing, it's like a movie version of my favourite kinds of books - dystopians! It was in Russian, no wait Swedish? one of the two, when I watched it but it's worth a watch. I mean it has Jim Sturgess the dreamy guy from the well known movie version of David Nicholls' One Day (one of my all time favourite movies, but I'll do a blog on that another time) and it has another loved actor of mine as the other main character, Kirsten Dunst.
It's a beautiful love story about two people who live in alternative worlds which are directly above/below eachother.. and they not only defy the laws, but defy gravity to be together.

2) Perfect Sense

Another dystopian genre movie- what can I say I can't get enough of dystopia! This is such a beautiful movie and I don't really know why when I ask people if they've seen it they give me a weird look like 'what that's a title of a movie, I have never once heard of that'.. I realise it only came out last year, but this movie is like perfect and I loved every part of it.
It's about the world ending (in a way) and basically in stages everyone on the planet loses a sense and then another, until they've lost them all and two people who fall in love just as the senses begin to fade. The actors are ones I haven't seen in movies before, but in a way it removes all connotations or links you have with that actor and they were brilliant!

3) Falling Overnight

I think this is on it's way to being big too, so maybe it is known.. but again if i hadn't have stumbled across it I wouldn't have known about it! This movie is a real tear-jerker.. about a boy who is seriously ill and the whole movie is about one night, the night before he has surgery and in that one day... he meets a girl. It's so beautiful and the characters are so real, you know like they aren't actors but people you could know.. and it's just.. yea.. it really gets to you.. especially this part...

because you start to think about your own life, and if that was you tomorrow,  what haven't you done that you had always wanted too?

4) With Every Heartbeat (also known as Kiss Me)

This was another movie I didn't really read the description of and it was in another language but I watched it anyway, and it was beautiful. This is a film about two women falling in love, because a love story is a love story and it's just as emotional. The movie deals with the internal struggle homosexual people have with their views on themselves, with telling their family (acceptance and expectations) and with denial. It just goes to show that you're never truly happy until you are true to yourself.

5) 50/50

Ok so this one is probably pretty well known.. but not as much as some of Joseph Gordon-Levitts other movies (500 days of summer *fan girls*). Now I have to admit I was mostly drawn to this because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt being one of my all time favourite male actors.. but movies that deal with this kind of thing draw me in too. The character Levitt plays has cancer and it follows his journey and the effects it has on the people in his life. It's such an emotional film I was weeping.. it's just one of those films that put everything into perspective... it's so beautiful. It also has Seth Rogan in it, whom I sure you know of he's pretty hilarious and even in this movie he adds a bit of humour.

Ok so there are my five.. of well.. half-known movies haha.. if you have heard of these movies or watched them I would love to know your opinion and if you haven't... add them to your To Be Watched list! (my T.B.W is on my ipod notes, where as my T.B.R is half my book shelf)
I am slowly getting through those TBR.. currently reading another world ending dystopian 'Life as we knew it' and the review should be soon. But I watch movies a lot now, I love all genres it's crazy haha.. so I might start blogging regularly about movies, what do you think?

See you soon for another 5 movies

Happy watching/reading! 

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