Saturday, December 29, 2012

Twitter and novels and new look?

Hi guys,

So I FINALLY made a twitter for the blog, I've decided this poor little blog needs more life to it, especially since I think it will help me a lot with my course at university next year as I want to study Creating Writing.

Also, although I am trying hard to make myself revise, this is the time (when I'm stressed about having to do important things) that I am dying to write. I came up with a new novel idea last night and I'm so excited to write it (once the exam is out the way that is).

And speaking of writing, I have reserved a couple more blog names.. I want to start a writing blog named:

Letters on the typewriter

So that my writing can really kick off and I can get you guys involved too!

And because I'm someone with many hobbies, I have also reserved

Photographs on the wall

So I can share my photographs with the world also.
Notice the similarity in names, yea that wasn't an accident :D

Finally, I have revamped the blog, it's much more my style now and when I'm happy with the way things look I'm more likely to do more on the blog.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holidays!


  1. I really like the layout of this blog. The red colored heading, black font, and gray background works well on the eyes. Further, I am impressed with your blog names. You are building a great brand with catchy names. Good netiquette for your online image. I look forward to your creative posts as I am a creative person as well. I have been creating words of my as long as I can remember. Now I am creating internet related words and blogging about them. This makes me part of the Twiterati. That domain name was snatched up as soon as I defined it. I guess I have to create something new. Good luck on all your endeavors.

    1. Thank you, I like to change things up a lot I get a little restless, but I think I like this theme and will try and stick to it for a while haha! Haha thanks, I also like things to be the same and fit together, little OCD maybe? Good luck with everything :D

  2. I love your blog! The layout is great!
    And I'm following you on Twitter! I've finally followed you on here, as well, via GFC! :)