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Passion - Lauren Kate 

This is the third book in the incredible "Fallen" series. Before Luce and Daniel met at Sword & Cross, before they fought the Immortals, they had already lived many lives. And so Luce, desperate to unlock the curse that condemns their love, must revisit her past incarnations in order to understand her fate. Each century, each life, holds a different clue. But Daniel is chasing her throughout the centuries before she has a chance to rewrite history. How many deaths can one true love endure? And can Luce and Daniel unlock their past in order to change their future?

Passion, the third book in the Fallen series has yet again taken amazing to another level. Much like how Fallen and Torment have completely different story lines Passion goes off the rails (in a good way) and sends us to whole different world- many different world/places in time in fact.
As a writer myself with past times apart of my writing I know how hard it can be to write about a past we have not experienced, but Lauren Kate makes these trips seem effortless as she write for Luce to glide through Millenniums into the past. Her portrays of past times in places all over the world seem so real it's like Lauren has actually been there. Of course a lot of research would have gone into this book as much as the writing did and so I give praise to Lauren for sticking with it and producing another book to blow us away. After reading Fallen and then Torment I didn't think their was much else Lauren could do with the story- but my gosh was I wrong.
Lauren also writes about Heaven and it's beginning- just goes to show how much amazing imagination and  talent she has. 

*Warning spoilers.* 

The thrilling story of Daniel chasing Luce through time and their past keeps us on edge as he is always too late. I found myself both wanting Luce to discover a way around the curse and rooting for Daniel to catch her. Luce meets a 'helper' and I always knew he would turn out to either be in love with her or be someone evil planning something and one was correct- you'll know which if you've read it.
Luce both watches her past from the side lines and experiences it herself allowing her to feel the expanse of her love. Through becoming one with her past self she realises just how much Daniel does love her. How could she ever doubt his love?
She witnesses just how hard it is for him with the curse and discovers that she has not got the worst of it even though she dies every life time before she can reach past seventeen.

This is such an amazing book, though it is so different from the previous books in the series.

I would rate this book a 4.5/5 - pretty much perfection.
Again I'm going to be waiting on the next release in the series for another year. I have been waiting out her books ever since the beginning- Fallen lover!

If you haven't read this book or series yet, you are missing out (shh but it's better than twilight- in my opinion)

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  1. This is my favourite book of the series so far!!