Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini Challenges Tuesday

My favourite love triangles-

1- Will vs Jem for Tessa - Clockwork Angel
They are already one of my favourite love triangles even though the series has yet to be known! I can just tell! Even I can not choose sides, so this story is going to be good!

2-  Rob vs Gabriel for Kaitlyn - Dark Visions
Read this a long time ago, but their love triangle is so strong that I remembered the story so well! Good vs Dark... amazing.

3- Tom vs Julian for Jenny -The Forbidden Game (one of my all time favorite books!)
Dangerous love triangles- they're just the best! Tom's a lovely guy but I found myself rooting for the mysterious Julian!

Next Mini challenge-
Take a book cover and make up a silly story based on the cover.

Red is an outsider. She's different from everyone. Red doesn't care about the looks she gets because of her bright coloured hair it's not that gives her the shivers. It's the haunting feeling of being overcrowded and hollow at the same time. Red keeps hidden in the shadows but still the truth finds her and places her on the path to find the missing half of her. But that half can not be found by looking through the streets or searching school records, shes somewhere else entirely but still right there- as always since the womb right their next to Red.

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