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Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini
Helen Hamilton has always tried to hide how different she is—no easy feat on an island as small as Nantucket, and only getting harder as she finds herself haunted by hallucinations and vivid nightmares.
It's not until she crosses paths with Lucas Delos at school that Helen's true heritage is finally revealed. Yet even as Lucas helps her awaken to her startling powers, they can never be together—not unless they can break free from the tragic destiny the Three Fates have in store. 

Wow, I read some pretty good books but this really set the bar high. This book is one of the best books I have ever read, hands down! It's such an original story for the YA books as it's not about Vampires or Magic but real legends/myths including the Gods. This powerful background really brings the books to life and throws in that haunting touch of danger- because well these powerful 'Gods' scare me, is it just me?
The love/hate relationship between Helen and Lucas is so powerful, it's the modern Romeo and Juliet! 
All the way through the book you will be itching the read more, because everything that happens is just so surprising and unexpected.
Characters: I especially love the characters and their personalities in this book. I love how Helen is an independent young girl who has this amazing bond with her lovely down to earth father, and I love how cute her father and Kate are even if that is just a background part of the story. I love Lucas, he is such a strong character, and for some reason I love emotionally distraught male characters because it shows that boys do feel the way girls do they just don't like the show it, it's also rather attractive. Also his cousin Hector! I love him, his aggressive, powerful character stands out and at first I hated him but you grow to love him so it is so sad at the end (if you've read it you'll know why, I don't want to give to much away). Cassandra, Lucas's sister has the kind of personality you would hate, but you learn along the story line she's just a little girl who's basically cursed with something others would see as a blessing, so I feel sorry for her. I also love Lucas's mother, she is portrayed as the mother who feeds everyone and holds everything together which is exactly what my mother is like, perfect personality. Also her friend is very cute and funny when she tells Helen how she's always known and the things she did to try and prove it, and Helen's sweet friend Matt who is obviously in love with her and would do anything for her.
However I do dislike Helen's mother, even though for most of it I respected her for doing everything she did to protect Helen I don't like her at the end because she basically killed Lucas's lovely, passionate aunt and for what she did to keep Lucas and Helen apart (made me angry haha).

Story line: The story line is just perfect, thrilling and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The fact that they want to rip each others throats out at the befogging make it much more passionate and that no matter what they do like simply go to the store, fate will bring them together- very cute. The tramatic healing process they have to go through together after falling from the sky, shows how even enimies can come together when things get hard and the way 'most' of the family accepted her when she needed them was nice. The furies made everything seem much more dramatic than just hate. When something gets solved they see cleared there is a bigger problem to solve, which keeps the book flowing (fast). Especially since someone is after Helen and if Helen dies- the last of her house, things will change dramatically. The fact that there is danger haunting the whole way through the book makes it very dramatic. How Lucas and Helen can't be together even though they love each other is so passionate and tragic. I love the scene where shes in bed and hes on the widows walk and her walks to the door and she stills up in bed and they stay there listening to each other to see what will happen next, unbelievably cute. I also love the fact they both can fly- basically because I love angels, my own novel is about angels.
I love and hate the ending, mostly hate (because of the story content not the writing). It's an amazing ending trust me, but it's just so ahh. *Spoiler alert* I hate how Lucas and Helen have been fighting the whole time to be together but can't and as soon as they can, they even find out they are basically meant to be together (the whole name thing is soooooooooooo cute), and then her mother ruins it by telling them they are cousins, when they are not she lied! So they believe they are, but still love each other, but can't. So tragic!

Cute, passionate, dangerous, haunting, secrets - what more could you want.

I don't want to tell you too much, but basically it's a really good book. If you love stories where people have to fight to be together, then you will love this book, it's a beautiful more action packed, modern Romeo and Juliet. I am so very eagerly anticipating the next book in this series. When I read the ending I was like NOOOO and had to tweet Josephine herself to check there was going to be another book, haha!

Can not wait for the next book! 
Such a good story, I LOVE IT! 
Currently my all time favorite!
This book is way beyond 5/5.

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