Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where have I been?

Hello, Hi, I'm Back!

Where have I been you ask?
Well if you didn't read my last post then you wouldn't know.

I've been on a trip, my last day with some friends from my secondary school as I have now left school. (Anxiously awaiting my results on August 25th- wish me luck)
Guess where we went?
Well I'm not sure if you'd know, most of you are US residents right?
Well I went to Alton Towers (unsure if they have one over there but it's basically a smaller version of Disney Land- I've only been to the Paris DL)
So I woke up Thursday morning 9AM... got ready all day (couldn't sleep during day), went to my friends at 9PM then went to school to catch the coach at 2AM.
Obviously no one could sleep- took us hours to get there, arrived at Alton Towers at half nine the next day (Friday)- Yes and I still hadn't slept.
Then had an AWESOME time there, going on the rides and all until 6PM.
So by that time it had been well over 30 hours without sleep right? - Knackered, yes I was.
Thank fully I basically slept all the way home- waking up every hour or so to find we were stuck in traffic on the M5 because some accident and something about the lights not working but arrived back at school at around 2:30am Saturday morning- when we were supposed to arrive at 12 (angry brother to pick me up haha).
Then I slept in my lovely bed until 9:30 when I had my alarm because I was suppose to work at 11 that day but obviously fell back to sleep (it's ok I work for my parents, I didn't get fired) Worked from 12- 2:30 then went back up to bed all day!
Had trouble sleeping last night though because everything hurts! My hip feels completely popped out of place and my shoulder had this constant throb- Damn that coach, sleeping in the most awkward positions.
Anyway so that's where I have been- At Alton Towers, on a coach and sleeping!

Got back in time to enter all the BLOGFESTS! You still have a couple hours if you haven't yet entered for some giveaways!

Ohh yea and all those reviews I promised you will go up soon!
From my read-a-thon + Starcrossed!
Either tonight or tomorrow- sorry it's so late, I'm still pretty drained!

Happy Sunday!



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