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The Lady in the Tower

The Lady in the Tower - Marie-Louise Jensen
Spring 1540 I am afraid. You are in grave danger. 
Mother, will you run away with me if I can free you? 
The servants call it the Lady Tower: the isolated part of the castle where Eleanor's mother is imprisoned after a terrible accusation. For four years Eleanor's only comfort has been their secret notes to one another. A chance discovery reveals a plot to murder her mother. Now Eleanor must free her before it is too late. But with danger and betrayal at every turn, she can trust no one. Especially not her father. Eleanor must use all her cunning to survive. For she soon realises that it is not just her mother she needs to save ...but also herself.

Wow, defiantly not the book I usually go for, but as per usual when I walked into Waterstones and looked around the YA section it was the cover which caught my eye. Yes I judge books by there covers, don't judge me! But you know, it works for me, the books I choose by liking the cover-reading the blurb and liking that too are always ones I love. But then again, I've always been a good judge of character. Don't you just agree though, how pretty is the cover, I know right gorgeous!

Story: Set in the 16th century where a man imprisons his wife claiming that she is crazy she has done nothing wrong. There son and daughter were only young when he imprisoned her in the tower and Eleanor's brother grows up believing his mother is ill and his father is doing the right thing. But Eleanor knows her mother did nothing wrong and for believing in that she is given nothing from her father, she is treated like a servant where her brother is treated like a prince. 
This story is based on a true story, when I read this at the end of the book it made it a whole lot more amazing. The story follows Eleanor as she tries to help her mother escape so that they can live a better life together, but a million things get in the way like the King's visit and before she knows it she is betrothed to a young man who is horrid to her. It is thrilling and face paced and the story always keeps you on edge because of the element of danger of being discovered. Eleanor realises as time goes by there are more people on her and her mothers side than she realised.

Characters:  Eleanor the main character in the story is a strong, independent young girl who loves her mum and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and I love that! Gregory her cousin I found myself very attached too, I'm not sure why maybe because he is such a lovely character. The relationship between the cousins is so strong it's almost like they aren't cousins in some parts and I found myself rooting for Gregory even though it would be very wrong for them to get together I know, just there was something about that character that stood out to me! Her mother is sweet and innocent, the opposite of her horrid father which believe me you will find yourself hating.You grow to love some of the characters such as Tom the stable boy who is friends with Eleanor and they have been since they were young and even the man that Eleanor is betrothed too!

I think if you enjoy the genre historical fantasy - although this isn't all fantasy - you will love this book and even if you don't, because I had never read a historical book like this before if you don't count Fallen Grace and Whisper my name which were based in the past, and I still loved it.
If you usually read YA paranormal romances then hello me too, but really venture out of your box, because when I did and discovered this lovely book I realised there's a lot more genres I love.
For those of you who love romances, all of you I know *wink*, this story happens to have that too. You will be surprised by the romantic relationship that grows in this book and it is in fact utterly romantic.

I give this book a 4.5/5!
This means go out and buy it :)

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