Friday, August 05, 2011


Evercrossed - Elizabeth Chandler.  

If you know me or have read my blogs before you would know that the first or *three in one* book of this series is what got me back into reading again and that I absolutely adore Kissed By an Angel. So of course when I discovered that there was going to be another one I was thrilled.

Compared to the blurb the story isn't as you would expect, but none the less is amazing. It's that kind of book that keeps you guessing all the way through and your undecided if you like the book until the very end, which by the way is unbelievably cute- I'm a suck for sappy love scenes.

I guess I didn't like the story line made me dislike one of my favourite characters from the first book, but he's a character that can't be like else you wouldn't be happy for the other characters. Do you get what I mean or am I just talking gibberish again?-likely.

It's a forbidden, scary kind of relationship between them which makes the whole thing more thrilling. While reading the book I actually admit that it wasn't impressing me until I reach the end and I found it was all it could be!

One reason to read it- if you've read the first then you know you can't give it a miss.
and two- because it's one of those stories when you can relate to the main character, which is always great right?

Rating: 4/5
Give it a read

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