Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey guys we have a guest

Give a warm welcome to the lovely Martin!
Martin is doing his own little blogfest where he is writing a hundred blogs in a hundred days about his childhood memories. It is a joy to be apart of his blogfest. Enjoy!


It seems today is the day of tragic injuries. But this one was definitely not my fault. We had gone away for the day and ended up in some park. As usual during the summers back then, it was a scorcher and we ended up in some huge park.
The park had a lake with paddle boats and rowing boats. The type of place where the man would shout; “come in number six, your time is up.” You remember don’t you...?
So anyway, me and my sister were sat merrily away enjoying ourselves for ages in the boat when I noticed her back and shoulders looked very pink. She then remarked that so were mine. The very next moment and the tops of both our backs were growing the biggest blisters you had ever seen.
The next minute our step dad was frantically trying to get to shore as quickly as possible. Because we didn’t have satnav in them days, it took ages to find the hospital by which time we were both in extreme agony. We were both very fair skinned when we were younger.
I don’t really remember much of what happened after that. But I do recall it being the worst sunburn I’ve ever suffered and that includes the time when I burnt my ankles at Disneyland. But unfortunately that happened when I was much older and doesn’t qualify as a childhood memory, so it looks like you will probably never get to hear about that one.
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  1. I never had sunburn... I was born morena (being Asian), and I guess it's one of the good advantage of it. I always wanted to have a fair skin though! =)

    Bdw, I'll also have Martin for #100blogfests on my site on August 31st. I hope you can come and visit me then =)

    New follower,
    April @books4juliet

  2. I was born in England but I'm half Asian so I've never had sunburn either. But when I get tan lines they stay for like EVER which can be annoying lol.

    Thanks for following!