Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hey bloggers, strangers, stalkers,

So today I've decided to write a blog to set myself some goals partly because goals help me actually get some things done and because when I achieve them I can do a little dance. So here we go,

1) I want to get NO C's in my GCSE's. Now I've already taken my GCSE's but my results are in this Thursday. (Yes I am a nervous wreck right about now) I already have an A* and A, B and Passes in ICT which are C's but that don't count for this goal ok ;) I didn't have much time to do ICT because I retook Math to get that B there higher! WISH ME LUCK FOR THURSDAY. Will post results when I get them and probably another babbling nervous post before hand. This goal is kind of out of my hands now.

2) Finish my second novel (sequel) if not before the end of summer (two weeks away and I'm only half way done) but before my 17th Birthday. (19th October) I intend to get this goal done, I tried to get my first novel done before 16, but I had a bf then which means it took me so long to write the first novel.

3) Get published or pretty close to being published before I'm 18. Purely to spite those people who didn't believe in me/ think I'm too young. Suck it age limits.

4) To have the best time at college and kick A-Level ass. I'm taking Fine art, Photography, English Lit Lang and Psychology.

5) To fill those bookshelves I was babbling on about the other day. Just ordered (Finally ordered) The Mortal Instruments series in hardback yay. I also plan to buy more hardbacks for prettier shelves. TBH paperbacks are easier to read when you read upside-down like me and your arms ache. #MissonFillMyShelves want to help or simply be kind? RAK wishlist here: or save the link and the date up there, yano my 17th (wink wink) but if you do send me yours, so I can get you something back please.

That's it for now, don't want to over load myself with goals.

Have a lovely day.

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  1. Hahaha, Good luck with your goals and filling up your shelves. Unearthly by Cynthia Hand is one of the prettiest books on my shelf. FYI.