Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Misson fill my shelves.

Hello bloggers, my beloved followers and basic strangers,
How are you today? Tell me, what are you currently reading? *I love suggestions* 
& need them! Such as what I will soon get too...

So today I went to town and did not buy any books, what is wrong with the world! Haha, well I really wanted Awaken and Forbidden and they had neither *sad Mazz* and still I'm totally struggling to save for a car *I turn 17 this October, can you believe it, I fricken can't* and resisted the urge to buy any books.

But this week my parents did buy me some cheap but lovely bookshelves, 
which I was in desperate need of as you may have noticed in my recent blogs. 
But now, I need more books to fill my 3 medium sized bookshelves, OCD is driving me crazy. 
One is currently organized with black books, colour coded and more black books.

So this is officially MISSION FILL MY SHELVES.

Lets see how long it takes me to fill these bad boys.
and that's with me also trying to save!
I am writing this to inform you on my own personal goal, 
but if you are part of RAK and would like to help me on my mission, 
feel free to browse my wishlist here, 
with a tweet including the link to your RAK wishlist so I can give back!

RAK is amazing, it is my first month, but I am really enjoying being apart of it, 
thank you BOOK SOUL MATES!

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