Monday, August 15, 2011


I entered Josephine Angelini's Limerick contest with this limerick:

Limerick 5
Helen a young girl hidden from her fate,
Destiny is too strong to keep at bay,
Bound together she fell into his life,
Discovery of her powers, her skin unpeirceable by a knife,
For every time her eyes close dreams are hovering,
The houses are against them, the Gods are watching,
Forbidden, forbidden, there love is wrong,
He is Lucas and they are the Starcrossed ones.

So please go to her blog here:
Let me know if you vote so I can kiss the ground you walk on!
If I win I might just be so happy I'll host a giveaway *maybe give away my original unsigned copy of Starcrossed if any of you are interested*

I love my followers, thank you!